Alabama 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course


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How to Complete the Alabama Defensive Driving Course Online

Let’s face it: taking a court-ordered defensive driving course can be a pain in the neck. Classroom courses involve inconvenient schedules, lengthy class periods, and other hassles that only complicate your life. Whether you’re looking to dismiss a traffic ticket or reduce your auto insurance rates, your best option is our Alabama Defensive Driving course. With our 100% online driving course, everything you need to get rid of that traffic violation is right at your fingertips, all from the comfort of your own home.

Easy, Self-Paced Online Course

Our Alabama Defensive Driving course is specifically tailored to adjust and adapt to your schedule. You don’t have to drive to an inconvenient classroom to meet all of the same requirements, nor do you have to sit in a room for a backbreaking amount of time. Our online Alabama driving course is completely self-paced, allowing you to have full control and flexibility over when and how much you study.

  • Log in and out as many times as you need
  • Take breaks and work in multiple sessions
  • Resume your course right where you left off
  • Only study when you find the time
  • No deadlines or pressure involved

Our course gives you the power to determine how quickly or slowly you’d like to study the material. You can do a chapter or two in the morning at home, and pick right back up later on at a coffee shop or library. Or, if you wish, you can dedicate an entire day to dismissing your ticket. It’s all up to you, whenever and wherever you want.

Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket With Our Court-Approved Course

Our course is approved by the following Alabama courts to dismiss your Alabama ticket:

  • Covington County
    • Covington County District Court
    • Lockhart Municipal Court
  • Dale County
    • Daleville Municipal Court
    • Napier Field Municipal Court
    • Ozark Municipal Court

Don’t see your county? Not a problem; just contact your local district court to request approval for taking our Alabama Defensive Driving course.

Have Fun With Our Driving Courses

Our Alabama Defensive Driving course is not only flexible, it’s entertaining as well. Our course consists of 8 short, subject-based chapters that are easy to complete and understand. Totaling 8 hours, the course contains chapters that focus on different aspects of driving, including:

  • Alabama traffic laws and road signs
  • Essential defensive driving techniques
  • Driving in unexpected and potentially dangerous weather conditions

We’ve teamed up with learning theory experts and education professionals to bring you the most engaging, comprehensive course – offering fun and education in one interactive package! Throughout the course, you will be taught through a combination of engaging multimedia teaching tools, including:

  • Videos and animated lessons
  • Audio clips and visual tools
  • Graphics, slideshows, and more!

Each chapter concludes with a short, 10-question, multiple-choice quiz, leading up to a final, 20-question, multiple-choice exam. Don’t let that intimidate you, however: you only need an 80% on each test to pass, and you can retake them as much as you want. You’re practically guaranteed to pass our course.

Get an Insurance Discount

Many insurance providers offer substantial discounts for drivers who voluntarily take a driver improvement course. Contact your insurance company and see if they offer a discount for taking our Alabama defensive driving course – if they do, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars a year!

Receive Your Certificate of Completion

As soon as you pass your final exam with flying colors, you won’t need to wait for lengthy approval and processing times. We process your Alabama defensive driving completion immediately after you pass, and send your completion certificate to you by 3PM Central time. We’ll even ship it to you via regular U.S. Mail for FREE and have it at your door within 5-7 business days. If it’s an urgent matter and you need it even sooner for your court requirements, you can choose from one of our low-priced FedEx delivery options and have it at your door the very next morning.

Questions? Contact Our Customer Service Team

If you’re ever confused about our online driving course or you just need a little guidance through the Alabama ticket dismissal process, our customer support team is there to help. Our specially trained team is standing by 7 days a week to answer your queries and provide the peace of mind that you should always expect from the industry leader in traffic education.

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