New Mexico Real Estate Qualifying Broker 36-Hour Continuing Education Course


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How to Complete the New Mexico Continuing Education Renewal

The Real Estate Commission increased Continuing Education requirements from 30 to 36 total hours per licensing cycle. The most significant change was the institution of an annual, four (4) hour, Core Course requirement. The Core Course substitutes for the eight (8) hour Mandatory Course which will no longer be offered after December 31, 2016. The Commission also added requirements for licensees to take four (4) hour core electives in their areas of specialty during each licensing cycle. These areas of specialty include: Commercial, Residential, Vacant Land, and Property Management. Finally, the Commission put into place a requirement that all licensees include four (4) hours of Ethics electives per licensing cycle.

The requirement of 36 hours will be made up of the following:
1.   4 hour NMREC Core Course. Remember that the 4 hour NMREC Core is to be an annual requirement (total of 12 hours).
2.   4 hour ethics elective
3.   4 hour “core elective” [not to be confused with the NMREC Core Course].
4.   16 elective hours in any commission approved course (licensees are restricted to 10 hours of training category courses).

In addition, all active qualifying brokers are required to successfully complete a 6 hour Qualifying Broker Refresher course as a condition of license renewal or as a condition of reinstatement of qualifying broker status regardless of age or years of licensure.

Online Limitations

New Mexico 4-hour Core Course and the 6 hour Qualifying Broker Refresher Course cannot be taken online. All other courses may be taken online.

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