North Dakota 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course


  • Duration: 8 hours
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How to Complete the North Dakota Defensive Driving Course Online

Lower Your Insurance with Online Defensive Driving in North Dakota

Insurance rates can be outrageously high and often based on past mistakes that you may not be responsible for. Fortunately, taking our North Dakota online defensive driving course can earn you a hefty discount on your insurance rates with ease. Earning an insurance discount doesn’t have to be a hassle – you can gain those benefits from the comfort of your home, on your personal schedule. With our online North Dakota defensive driving course, you can reduce your auto insurance premiums up to 5% for up to 2 years.

Proven Results Without the Hassle

If you’re like us, you don’t want to spend your entire weekend in a classroom just to earn your insurance discount.. Our North Dakota online defensive driving class is 100% online, so you can work on it at your convenience. Before or after work, on a rainy afternoon, or on your lunch break – the choice is yours.

Your online defensive driving course in North Dakota is completely self-paced, so you’ll never be rushed or find yourself in a time crunch. You can take breaks whenever you need them, and our innovative auto-save feature will automatically save your place for you, so you can pick up right where you left off.

A Quality Education Approved by the State of North Dakota

Our North Dakota online defensive driving course is fully approved by the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and meets all requirements to help you save money on your monthly insurance rates. The course is only 8 hours long, making it incredibly easy to work through. Each chapter consists of single subjects for easier learning and improved knowledge retention. Topics include:

  • How to avoid accidents
  • Traffic law in North Dakota
  • Navigating through hazardous road conditions

Once you work through the entire course, you’ll take a 25-question, multiple-choice final exam, on which you’ll need to score 70% or better in order to pass. If you don’t pass the first, second, or even fifth time, no worries – we offer unlimited attempts to retake the test. You’re essentially guaranteed to pass our course and earn your well-deserved insurance discount.

Quick Processing and Free Certificate Delivery

When you finish our North Dakota online defensive driving course, we won’t keep you waiting for your credentials to arrive – after all, you need your completion information as soon as possible. If you complete your course by 3PM CST, we’ll process your information and ship off your completion certificate the very same day for free via the United States Postal Service. If you just can’t wait to get your discount, we also offer affordable options for expedited delivery.

Support You Can Count On – Guaranteed

As the leading provider of online driver’s education, we know a thing or two about quality and results. We make sure to give you every possible tool you will need when you sign up for your course, even on the service end. That includes a customer support team who’s available 7 days a week to answer your questions whenever you have them. Call or email us when you’re having issues with our defensive driving course, concerns with the insurance discount process, or just have small questions about North Dakota traffic law.

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