South Carolina Insurance Agent 24-Hour Continuing Education Course (Life, Health, Property, and Casualty)


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How to Renew Your South Carolina Insurance License

General Requirements:

Effective 07/01/2019, South Carolina transcripts will be transitioned from Prometric to State Based Systems (SBS). Please see the update details here:

Total Hours
24 hours, biennially

Compliance Renewal Date
Renewal date is the licensee’s date of birth, biennially, based on the licensee’s odd or even birth year.

You may also need to take specific courses or earn specific credit types to renew your license. These course completions will count toward the total hour requirement.

For All Licenses:

8 of the 24 hours must be taken in the lines for which license is held. A minimum of 8 hours in each line must be taken for producers holding both Life & Health and Property & Casualty licenses.

3 hrs – Producers must complete 3 hrs of Ethics as part of the total requirement.

Annuity Requirements

An insurance producer may not sell, solicit, or negotiate an annuity product unless the producer has completed an approved one-time four hour training course.

An insurance producer who holds a life insurance line of authority on the effective date of this regulation and who desires to sell annuities shall complete the training within six months of the effective date of this regulation. Individuals who obtain a life insurance line of authority on or after the effective date of this regulation may not engage in the sale of annuities until the annuity training course has been completed.

Long-Term Care Training

An individual may not sell, solicit or negotiate long-term care insurance unless the individual is authorized as an insurance producer for accident and health or life insurance has completed a one-time training course and ongoing training every 24 months thereafter. The one-time training course shall be no less than 8 hours and the ongoing training shall be no less than 4 hours.

Flood Requirements

This state has issued a notice reminding licensees who sell flood insurance of their requirement to comply with the minimum 3 hours of training requirements established by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.

All Other State Requirements

Resident Requirements

Licensees must complete a minimum of 24 continuing education hours biennially after the first two years of licensure, including 3 hours of Ethics training.

Licensees must complete 8 of the 24 hours in courses approved for the line(s) of authority held. If licensee holds both life/health and property/casualty authority, at least 8 hours must be completed in life/health courses and at least 8 hours must be completed in property/casualty courses.

The state of South Carolina has issued a notice reminding licensees who sell flood insurance of their requirement to comply with the minimum training requirements established by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Non Resident Requirements

Non-residents who meet their home state requirement are exempt from continuing education.

Non-resident producers may comply by paying the record keeping fee of $15 and meeting the requirements of their home state.

Course Repetition

Courses may not be repeated within 2 years of its original completion date.

Exam Rules

Online certification exams are closed book. Course materials are not available while the exam is in progress. The final exam must be passed with a score of 70% or higher to receive CE credit. If the exam is not passed on the first attempt, students have an unlimited number of retakes.

Proctor/Monitor Requirements

Online Exams must be monitored by a disinterested third party. A disinterested third party certifies that the licensee completed the exam without assistance (i.e., closed book, no tiling/layering of screens, etc.) and is someone who is not a friend, relative or co-worker of the licensee, nor anyone with a financial interest in the success of the licensee taking the examination.

Period Requirements

Effective July 1, 2019, Prometric will no longer be the Continuing Education (CE) administrator for the SC Department of Insurance. Resident producers with a birth month through June of 2019 will still be required to pay the $15 CE record-keeping fee to Prometric. If you are a resident producer with a birth month of July 2019 and after, you will not be required to pay the $15 CE record-keeping fee. That fee will not be charged under SBS.

All resident producers will still need to meet the 24 hours of CE and renewal application requirements to maintain an active license. The CE requirements can be found on the Department’s website (

Effective July 8, 2019, you will log onto SBS’s website ( to view your CE transcript and South Carolina license information. As a reminder to resident producers, fingerprinting is not required at every renewal. If a resident producer was fingerprinted at initial licensure or for their last compliance period, fingerprinting is not required a second time as long as the license remains active.

Carryover Requirements

A maximum of 18 hours may be carried over to next compliance period only.

Reporting Requirements

Report within 30 days of completion. Need Agent’s SSN or license number to report.

Instructor Credit

Individuals acting as instructors for continuing education courses receive the same amount of CE credit as his or her students receive for taking the class.


Credit hours earned to maintain the following designations may be used toward the 24-hour credit requirement: CLU, FLMI, CFP, LUTCF, RHU, REBC, or CHFC for a life/health, or CPCU or CIC for a property/casualty license. Many courses for maintenance of a designation are already approved for CE credit. Verify with Kaplan Financial whether the course is approved for South Carolina CE credit. If so, you will receive credits in the normal manner.

Acceptable Training Methods

  • Online (Internet Delivery)
  • Correspondence (Print)
  • Company Seminars
  • Classroom
  • CBT/CD-ROM (Computer-Based Training)

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