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Cameron Academy’s Interactive Florida Real Estate Sales Associate and Broker 14-Hour Continuing Education (CE) Course w/ Code of Ethics

Course Description

Interactive Florida Real Estate Sales Agent and Broker 14-Hour Continuing Education Course

Our comprehensive 14-Hr. FL CE Package is designed to provide you with a seamless and engaging learning experience. This package not only includes all the mandatory hours required for active license renewals but also offers the ProPath for professional development, ensuring you get the best value from your education.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Florida Core Law (3 law hours): Updates and key legal concepts in Florida real estate.
  • Document Diligence (4 specialty hours): Techniques for safeguarding your transactions.
  • Using the Code to Solve Ethical Dilemmas (3 ethics hours): Ethical practices in line with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. (Please verify with your local association for acceptance.)
  • Assistance Animals and Fair Housing (4 specialty hours): Understanding of fair housing laws related to assistance animals.

Plus, our 2024 Real Estate Success Builder Program:

  • Improve Your Performance: Strategies for setting and achieving goals. (3 hours)
  • Optimize Your Time: Time management techniques to enhance efficiency. (3 hours)
  • Real Estate Market Insights: Analysis of past trends to prepare for future success. (3 hours)

This online course offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, with an open-book test format for a user-friendly experience. Stay updated on the latest industry trends and safeguard your real estate license with Cameron Academy’s online CE course.

State License Requirements for Renewal

To maintain an active Florida Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker license, the following requirements must be met every two years:

  1. Continuing Education (CE):
    • Complete 14 hours of CE, including:
      • 3 hours on Florida Real Estate Law Updates.
      • 3 hours on Ethics and Business Practices approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC).
      • 8 hours of FREC-approved electives.
  2. Renewal Fees:
    • Pay the required renewal fees before the license expiration date to avoid any penalties.

Meeting these requirements ensures that you stay compliant with state regulations, keeping your license active and your career on track.

Penalty for Late Renewal

Failing to renew your salesperson or broker license on time (other than the first renewal) results in the license becoming involuntarily inactive. Additionally, you will be subject to late fees. This can impact your ability to practice and may require additional steps to reactivate your license.

Avoid these complications by ensuring you complete your Continuing Education requirements and pay your renewal fees before your license expires. Stay ahead with Cameron Academy’s interactive and comprehensive CE course, designed for your success and compliance.

To enroll in the Florida Real Estate Broker 60-Hour Post-License Course, you must possess a valid broker’s license in the state of Florida. This course must be completed prior to your first renewal deadline to maintain the validity of your license. There is no grace period, and failing to complete the course before the deadline will result in the cancellation of your license.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion as proof of your compliance with the Florida Real Estate Commission’s post-license requirements. With Cameron Academy by your side, you can confidently manage your brokerage business and thrive in the competitive world of real estate.

Don’t put your license at risk – enroll in the Florida Real Estate Broker 60-Hour Post-License Course at Cameron Academy today and secure your future in the real estate industry!