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How to Get a Broker Real Estate License

Requirements to Obtain a Broker License

  • To be eligible to apply for a real estate Broker License, an individual must furnish the Commission satisfactory evidence of successfully completing the following:

A. At least four years active experience in Texas as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker during the 60 month period immediately preceding the filing of the application;


If licensed as a broker in another state, not less than four years active experience as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker during the 60 month period immediately preceding the filing of the application.


An applicant must demonstrate not less than 3600 points of qualifying practical experience obtained during four out of five years as required by §535.56(b) of the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission. One of the supplemental forms promulgated by the commission must be used:

(1) To report qualifying experience with an application use TREC No. BL-A, Supplement A-Qualifying Experience Report for a Broker License.

(2) To report qualifying experience after an application for a broker license is filed use TREC NO. BL-B, Supplement B-Qualifying Experience Report for a Broker License after an Application has been filed.

B. 270 classroom hours of core real estate courses.

A 30-hour Real Estate Brokerage course must be completed as part of the 270 core hours.

C. An additional 630 classroom hours in related courses acceptable to the Commission. A bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university satisfies all of the “related” education requirements for a brokers license. A copy of the college transcript awarding the degree must be submitted as evidence of completion of the degree.

  • File your application to become an individual real estate broker: https://www.trec.texas.gov/become-licensed/individual-real-estate-broker
  • After you have met the experience requirement and completed your education, you may then file and pay for the Application for Broker License by an Individual. Evidence of successful completion of any education that has not been posted to your records with our office should be submitted via credit transcript or certificate and submitted with your application. DO NOT submit original transcripts or course completion documents. Keep the originals for your personal files and send photocopies to the Commission.
  • Provide fingerprints, pursuant to §1101.3521 of the Real Estate License Act, and pass your background check.
  • License examinations are administered by Pearson VUE, a testing service company. Once your application has been received, processed and accepted, you will receive notification that you may obtain a copy of the Candidate Information Brochure (CIB) to register for the exam. The CIB will provide instructions on how to make reservations to take the examination and contains study material and instructions about licensing. A copy of the CIB can be downloaded from the PSI web site. Please DO NOT attempt to register for the exam without first receiving notification from our office. The examination must be passed within one year from the date the application is filed with the commission office.
  • You are not authorized to perform any act for which a real estate license is required until an ACTIVE Texas Real Estate Commission license is in your possession.

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