Appraiser utilizing augmented reality for property measurement

Innovation in Home Appraisals: CoreLogic’s Augmented Reality Tool

ScanToSketch: A Revolutionary Approach to Home Appraisals

Welcome to a new era where home appraisals are completed in minutes, thanks to precise measurements and accurate property sketches. This is made possible by CoreLogic, a leading provider of property data and analytics, through their groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) tool, ScanToSketch. This article explores how this innovative tool is transforming the home appraisal process and its potential applications in the real estate industry.

The Functionality of ScanToSketch

The days of manual measurements and time-consuming property sketches are over. ScanToSketch leverages the power of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology and augmented reality, enabling appraisers to capture precise measurements and create detailed property sketches in real-time. This advancement not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, revolutionizing the way home appraisals are conducted.

Appraiser using ScanToSketch for property measurement

Success Stories and Impact on Appraisal Reports

Since its inception, ScanToSketch has been a game-changer in the appraisal industry. Appraisers have completed approximately 20,000 property sketches using this cutting-edge tool, with the data from these sketches featured in over 12,000 appraisal reports. The accuracy and efficiency of ScanToSketch have garnered praise from professionals in the field, making it an indispensable asset in the appraisal process.

Appraiser using ScanToSketch for property measurement

ScanToSketch: More Than Just Appraisals

While ScanToSketch is primarily designed for appraisals, CoreLogic envisions its potential applications in other areas of the home-buying process. Home inspectors and real estate agents can also benefit from this tool, using it to gather accurate property measurements and create comprehensive reports. The versatility of ScanToSketch opens up new possibilities for professionals in the real estate industry, streamlining their workflows and enhancing their services.

Future Developments and Availability of ScanToSketch

ScanToSketch is available for free within the appraisal app TOTAL for Mobile, currently accessible on the iOS App Store. However, it is important to note that compatibility with Android devices has not been specified. CoreLogic remains dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement, with plans to expand the capabilities of ScanToSketch and explore further integration within the real estate ecosystem.

Revolution in the Appraisal Process

In conclusion, CoreLogic’s ScanToSketch is revolutionizing the home appraisal process, empowering appraisers, home inspectors, and real estate agents with an efficient and accurate tool. By harnessing the power of augmented reality and LiDAR technology, CoreLogic is driving innovation in the real estate industry, providing professionals with the means to work more effectively and deliver exceptional services.

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